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UKIERI PRAMA Project Outputs (August 2013)

Summary poster


Workshops Organised (7)

[1] Launch / Kick-Off Meeting (Kolkata, INDIA) 18/01/2008 1 day (*)

[2] Remediation (Manchester, UK) 23/06/2008 3 days (*) (x)

[3] Field & sampling techniques (Kolkata, INDIA) 10/12/2008 3 days (*)

[4] Teaching & Data Methods (Manchester, UK) 02/09/2009 3 days (*)

[5] Summary, Reflection & Future (Kolkata, INDIA) 22/02/2010 5 days (*) (z)

[6] Dissemination in UK (Manchester, UK) 21/09/2011 3 days (*)

[7] Dissemination in India (Kolkata, INDIA) 18/11/2011 5 days (*) (a)

(*) All workshops involved further days of field and/or laboratory exercises
(a) Concatenated with meeting of Environmental Mutagen Society of India (Bodghaya, INDIA)
(x) Concatenated with 20th New Phytologist Symposium (Aberdeen, UK)
(z) Held in conjunction with the 14th Alexander Hollaender Course on Genetic Toxiciology

Abstracts (44) (as of December 2010)

PhD Theses Submitted (4)

[1] Debapriya Mondal (University of Manchester, UK) 2009 (PhD awarded)

[2] Michael Lawson (University of Manchester, UK) 2010 (PhD awarded)

[3] Mayukh Banerjee (IICB, India) 2009 (PhD awarded)

[4] Nilanjana Banerjee (IICB/Jadavpur, India) 2010 (PhD awarded)

Other Theses Submitted (2)

[1] William Bradford (University of Manchester, UK) 2008 (MEarth Sci 1st Class awarded)

[2] Kurt Smith (University of Manchester, UK) 2009 (BSc Hons Env. Science 1st Class awarded)

Where are PRAMA Research Exchange Scholars now (August 2013) ?

Mayukh Banerjee is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Physiology at University of Alberta, CANADA.

Nilanjana Banerjee has successfully completed her PhD and is working as a researcher at the CSIR-IICB, INDIA.

Udayan Bhattacharya has successfully completed his PhD and is now working at University of Calcutta, INDIA.

Claire Corkhill has successfully completed her PhD and is now a Research Associate at The University of Sheffield, UK.

Marina Hery is lecturing in microbiology at Université Montpellier 2, FRANCE.

Michael Lawson is employed at ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company in Houston, TX, USA.

Debapriya Mondal worked first as a research assistant with Dr Tony Fletcher at the London School of Hygiene and Tropic Medicine, then as a post-doctoral research associate at University of Exeter before securing a post as Lecturer in Safety, Health and Environment at Salford University, UK.